Aby in the Kitchen: Or, The One in Wonderland

So, almost a month ago I celebrated my 25th birthday with a completely ridiculous Aby in Wonderland birthday party (remember my birthday website?).

I was so incredibly excited to see so many of my friends and family together at once, and we had an absolute blast. Crazy fun, conversation, and some amazingly creative gifts that I was not expecting at all, followed up by two of my aunts very graciously spending 5 hours teaching a bunch of drunk 20-somethings the game of Hand and Foot. I don’t think they really understood what they were getting in to when they agreed to it…

At any rate, in preparation for this most fantastic of 25th birthday parties, I slaved. Over my menu, that is.

My premise was a traditional full low tea, in honor of the Hatter and Hair’s never-ending tea party, so I organized everything around the three basic courses: savories, scones, and sweets.


The first course featured tea sandwiches filled with Rachel’s Healthy Chicken Salad (I used dried cranberries instead of nectarines), and a cucumber cream cheese mixture with some fresh mint added. We also had a vegetable tray with dip.


For this course I prepared two kinds of scones – dried cranberry and apricot, and spiced – from one basic scone recipe. This recipe is very, very sticky, so don’t be afraid to use liberal amounts of flour to keep it manageable! For a bit of added fun I used flower and star shaped cookie cutters.

And of course, how could we possibly have scones without mock devonshire clotted cream, light lemon curd, and my mom’s homemade strawberry jam?


It started out small in my mind – I swear! I just asked for a topsy-turvy cake. It was all Mom’s idea to make it three gigantic layers, each a different flavor with a coordinating filling. From what I saw (and what I heard from Dad) this cake was an absolute labor of love. It didn’t work out quite like she intended, but the end result was amazing none-the-less.

Since one of the layers wasn’t cooperating, Mom made it into a delicious pumpkin spice trifle with fresh berries and whipped cream. Along with a delicious fresh fruit tray and amaretto fluf, this made a perfect compliment to the most epic 25th birthday cake ever…

Made, leveled, stacked, and decorated by my mom (I’ll never doubt your love again, Mom): a delectable masterpiece of cheshire cat perfection featuring french vanilla cake with caramel filling on the bottom, and red velvet cake with raspberry preserves and chocolate ganache filling on top. The whole thing was slathered in home-made buttercream frosting, tinted purple, green, and yellow. The whole cake was decorated with zig-zags, playing card suit shapes, and a bazillion candles. Okay, so maybe I just wanted a bazillion; Mom would only let me use 25.

And what’s a tea party without… tea!

But not just any tea: oh, no!

Simply Mad Green Tea – otherwise known as UV High Tea, a combination of UV Sweet Green Tea vodka and lemonade

Very Merry Iced Un-Tea - batched Long Island iced tea, made with a pre-mixed Long Island alcohol mixture

The Queen’s Cran-Raspberry Tea – a mixture of brewed black tea (I like to use Lady Gray), cran-rasberry juice, and honey to sweeten

And as the King said to the White Rabbit, we began at the beginning and went until we got to the end. Marvelous!


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2 responses to “Aby in the Kitchen: Or, The One in Wonderland

  1. And it was marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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